Think Outside The Box

Gulliver, Age 10

Gulliver, Age 10

“When children get acknowledged for their work, it means the world to them!” That’s what Kathy Barbro, from Dixie Canyon School, said she liked most about our programs.  You can check out the cards from Dixie Canyon Students at our Artwork for Education site. Each card has the first name of the student artist, their age and school printed on the back.  The high-quality paper and bright inks we use make the kids’ creative expressions pop from the page.  It is no wonder that retail stores we talk to want to sell our cards!

If a child card is selected for our retail program, we send a certificate of achievement to honor the student.  At Dixie Canyon, they distribute certificates at the assemblies so the whole school shares the pride and acknowledges the artists.  Why is it important to acknowledge our artists?  Because creative expression is an essential part in child development and learning.

Through our program, art is celebrated in the schools not only because the kids’ work is highlighted in a special way, but it also provides the school much needed revenue.  This helps schools see a tangible value in the near-term and promotes the long-term benefits of providing art instruction to students.

It is unfortunate that so many schools are cutting art programs because it is not formally tested through standardized testing.  In reality, art programs are critical in helping children to think creatively in all subject – science, math, history.. to create our future leaders and inventors of the world.  Just imagine where we would be if we didn’t have creative thinkers in science who didn’t imagine new possibilities!  Art inspires inventiveness and helps children to understand other subject more clearly, from visualizing chemical bonds to building vocabulary.  We want to encourage creative thinkers who think outside the box.

Need inspiration for your kids next art projects?  You can also get wonderful ideas at Kathy’s Blog, Art Projects for Kids.  Start your art journals today.

P.S.  At Worldwise Education, we think it’s important for kids to express themselves creatively, even if they sometimes make mistakes.  After all, it’s much easier to correct than create.  So don’t let small mistakes keep you from coming up with your next big idea!


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