It’s 3 o’clock. Do you know where your kids are?

The school bell rings,
kids rush out of school,
running with glee
that they’re finally free
for the day
and have the rest of the afternoon
to play.

That’s just what worries many parents. For those parents, 3pm brings added anxiety as they’re stuck at work and hope their kids don’t get into trouble. Unfortunately for many high-risk youth, left to their own devices, that’s just what is bound to happen without structure or supervision. Here’s some facts about kids left unsupervised after school. That’s why here at Worldwise Education, we’re proud of our partnership with three nonprofit organizations who are helping kids turn those critical hours before their parents come home into a fun and productive time. WE teamed up with each organization to transform their kids’ holiday themed artwork into greeting cards. A portion of the proceeds from every card will help raise money for their programs.

Here’s a little bit about each organization:

LA’s BEST Camp Fire USA Orange County Council Boys & Girls Clubs of Conejo & Las Virgenes

LA’s BEST provides fun educational programs to more than 28,000 Los Angeles children, ages 5-12, at 180 LAUSD elementary schools with the fewest resources. Each day after school, LA’s BEST’s provides its students with snacks, homework assistance, learning activities, and fun in dance, sports, cooking and arts. The best part is that the program is absolutely free to parents who don’t have to worry about their kids during critical hours when if left alone, are likely to get into trouble.

Camp Fire USA Orange County Council’s mission is to build strong, confident youth: “today’s kids, tomorrow’s leaders”. The Orange Council provides after school programs, summer residential and day camps, family and teen education and training of sitters for special needs children to over 4500 children. CFUSAOC is able to make a positive impact on youth and their families in Orange County.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Conejo & Las Virgenes’s mission is to enhance the lives of our youth by providing them with a positive before and after school environment which includes programs that develop values, skills, good health, citizenship, character and leadership. This year we have served over 1000 children and their families by providing quality enrichment, educational support, and professional care.

Cover image was created by Diana, age 11, from The Accelerated School in Los Angeles, CA. Cover image was created by Jacqueline, age 12, from Yorba Middle School in Orange, CA. Cover image was created by club member Katherine, age 13, from the Boys & Girls Club of Los Cerritos in Thousand Oaks, CA.
Click to view LA’s BEST cards » Click to view Camp Fire USA Orange County Council cards » Click to view Boys & Girls Clubs of Conejo & Las Virgenes cards »

One response to “It’s 3 o’clock. Do you know where your kids are?

  1. (Norma Jean) Mijangos

    I would love a packet,I used your company at two other schools in the past now at a new one.Would like to present this to the new school..Thank you Norma Jean…310-709-1792 cell

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